Best of 2015: Appetizers and Snacks

It's almost 2016 and we're doing a wonderful countdown of our best of 2015 recipes. Sarah over at "Fantastical Sharing of Recipes" in conjunction with The Secret Recipe Club is hosting our wonderful countdown every day this week. I'm super excited to see everyone's recap of the year.

This year, I did a lot more entertaining. I went to more parties, we had people over more often, we made things to share with friends... I think this is just what happens as you get older. More than that, we started getting busier. I got a new job and premade snacks/food in the freezer was a great option that we really needed. These were all great recipes (some not pictured in the collage) and I know you'll all enjoy them.

French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms
Watermelon Jello Shots
Baked Beef Empanadas
Jerk Chicken Empanadas
Potato Perogies
Sourdough Flax Seed Crackers
Pimento Cheese Dip


  1. Can you believe I've never tried a jello shot??? I definitely have your fun Watermelon Jello Shots planned for my next summer BBQ. And your Pimento Cheese Dip will be making an appearance soon as well. PINed them both.

  2. Sourdough flax seed crackers - YES! I need to try those!

  3. I'm conflicted, not really, I'm making this pimento cheese soon, and then the prodigies, and then...

  4. Yum!!! The stuffed mushrooms!!!


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