Countdown to 2015: Best Crockpot Dishes of 2014

Hey again readers.

I'm back with another day of my 2015 countdown, hosted by Sarah at Fantastical Sharing of Recipes. Today's them is Crockpot dishes. I realized after making my collage that I really hadn't made that many crockpot dishes in 2014. I really need to change that this year!

In the meantime, check out my crockpot recipes from 2014


Pictured recipes are:

Asian Style Pulled Pork
Chili from Dry Beans
Split Pea and Ham Soup

Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and in 2015.


  1. Well now you will have a good selection of recipes from which to choose

  2. I think my favorite part about doing these yearly round ups is because you realize what you didn't make much of and it gives you your food resolutions for the next year :) What you did have for crockpot recipes look divine!! I have been wanting to try split pea soup for SO long!


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