Coffee Granita

I used to love coffee so much. I used to be able to start my day (after a rough night) with a cup of black coffee, an asprin and a cold shower (but then again, I think everyone can do that when you're 20 years old). Now, coffee really tears up my stomach if I don't have it with food. No more starting the morning with just a cup of coffee. A cup of tea on the other hand... well that's a different story. I try to keep my coffee drinking to after meal times. I might not do it often, but a cappuccino after lunch is still quite nice.

I'd never made a granite before thinking it was just an inferior sorbet, but it has its own  time and place. It is very refreshing in the summer time and works exceptionally well as a textural garnish to ice cream. A tomato granite would also be a great way to make a more interesting gazpacho.

I opted for a simple coffee one and served it with just a touch of condensed milk to give it that Vietnamese coffee flavor. Give it a try next time, but don't have it for dessert at 8pm after dinner. I did that and I was up until 2am...

  • 4 cups strong black coffee
  • 1/2 cup of sugar (or more to taste)
  • 2 Tbsp Kahlua
  1. Brew coffee and mix in sugar while still warm. Allow to cool to lukewarm and mix in Kahlua.
  2. Pour into shallow pan and place in the freezer. Remove every half hour to scrape the ice crystals and mix
  3. Continue until the entire thing is frozen and the ice crystals are fluffy and separated. Spoon into a glass with whipped cream or ice cream or condensed milk. Plain is also good.