Yuzu Wasabi White Chocolate Macaron

Until recently, I never knew the difference between a macaroon and a macaron. In my childhood, I got those American style coconut macaroons as an occasional treat. I never got French style macarons. I had never heard of them until 4 years ago when they started appearing everywhere in different colors and flavors. They were like the new cupcake, except cuter, more refined, and a lot more difficult.

I know my recipe is spot on for these macarons, but my technique needs work. I ended up with some hallow parts in the lids of my macarons and I needed work piping them exactly even. Yet the flavor was like any other macaron and the ganache was eye opening. None of the flavors overpowered the other. The yuzu hit you at the beginning and the wasabi flavor slowly appeared toward the end while the white chocolate, the most subtle flavor, mellowed out all the flavors on the finish.

But even though it is a refined dessert, if I'm being honest, I still think I prefer coconut macaroons in general. They're easier, more comforting, and what I crew up with. Can't beat that.

Yuzu Wasabi White Chocolate Macarons

  • 300 g almond flour
  • 300 g powdered sugar
  • 110 g egg whites
  • 75 g water
  • 300 g powdered sugar
  • 110 g egg whites
  • 5.5 oz white chocolate
  • ⅓ cup heavy cream
  • splash yuzu juice
  • 10 g wasabi powder (or grated wasabi)

  1. Mix together 300 g almond flour, 300 g powdered sugar and 110 g egg whites
  2. In separate bowl, combine sugar and water until it reaches 244 F. Beat 110 g egg whites separately and pour hot sugar mixture over the top. Continue to beat until compact, shiny meringues form
  3. Fold meringues into almond flour mixture. Pipe small circles onto parchment and let rest 30 minutes to form a crust.
  4. Bake at 350 for 23 minutes, opening the door twice midway through. Let cool completely
  5. For ganache, heat yuzu juice and cream until simmering. Pour over wasabi and white chocolate. Stir until melted.
  6. Let cool and spread over macarons.