Magic Hat Hi. P. A. verses Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - a IPA showdown

Magic Hat Brewing Company
Burlington, VT
6.7% ABV
Style: IPA

The second beer I had tonight was a bottled version in a Magic Hat variety pack. The nose has heavy pine and floral notes with just a hint of citrus. The taste is hops on the front and back with a rich malty middle. It's the way I like an IPA: very bold but still drinkable. The hops are strong and the beginning and mellow out at the end. At $16 for a variety 12 pack, it wasn't a bad buy.

Loose Cannon American Hop3 Ale
Heavy Seas Brewing
Baltimore, MD
7.25% ABV
Style: IPA

This was my first beer of the evening, on tap at the bar. The nose was largely pine and citrus (same as the Magic Hat) but without the same bold flavors. The beer was drinkable, but it was not what I would consider an IPA. It did not have bold enough flavors and was, at most, an American pale ale in its flavor profile. When I expected an IPA to start my evening, it was downright boring.

It might not be California, but my beer education on the east coast has begun. I'm looking forward to furthering my knowledge of microbrews out here.


  1. Cannot wait to take you to Westover Market! Your head will explode with it's awesomeness.


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