Jerk Chicken - Walkerswood product review

A couple years ago, a Jamaican coworker recommended this seasoning for real jerk chicken. He said he could make his own marinade, but this one was too good not to use.

I've made jerk marinade before. It gets very expensive because there are so many ingredients, many of which you might not have readily at your house. This is $9 for a jar that has lasted us forever because you only use a tablespoon at a time.

The instructions on the bottle may tell you to marinade for several hours, but DON'T DO IT. We made that mistake the first time and it was super spicy (and I love spicy food). When I make it, I slather a tablespoon over a couple chicken breasts or chicken thighs and then grill it or bake in the oven and finish under the broiler. That's it. I might leave it in the seasoning for 20 minutes before cooking, but not much more than that

When we make it, we usually serve it with coconut rice or plantains and a vinegar cabbage slaw. You can use avocados or something cooling as well. Folding some toasted coconut into cooked jasmine or basmati rice gives it a great tropical flavor and helps cool the spice of the chicken as well.

I can't stress how great this marinade is for easy jerk chicken. You can find it on amazon or at World Market, so why not give it a shot.