Bayou Bakery - A Restaurant Review

Bayou Bakery
1515 N. Courthouse Road, Arlington VA 22201
(703) 243-2410

I first learned about Bayou Bakery on an episode of Unique Sweets on the cooking channel about a month ago. A bakery I frequent was going to be featured on the middle segment of the show, but Bayou Bakery also caught my eye and I knew I had to try their delicious looking beignets.

I tried the grilled pimento cheese sandwich first because it sounded delicious. Pimento cheese is one of those great Southern foods I've grown to love since moving to Virginia. It's pretty disgusting when you actually think about what's in it. It's a lot of American cheese and mayonaise turned into a spread with pimento peppers.

This sandwich tasted like a southern childhood I never had. It's just pimento cheese spread on fluffy buttered white toast. I would have loved this sandwich a lot more if I'd been 5 years old, but even now it was pretty tasty and simple.

Not feeling satiated, I got an order of beignets as well, because that was the item featured on the show that seemed to be the most popular.

They were light, fluffy, and covered with a mountain of powdered sugar. They didn't have a crunch on the exterior like I'm used to my beignets having. Maybe that's not a real beignet, but that's how I've always liked them. I've always liked them to have a little bit more to them. Everything was tasty but nothing was truly standout. The place had a nice atmosphere and is the kind of place I would go again if I lived in the neighborhood. But given where I live, I'm just a mile or so too far to frequent this place.