Phuoc Loc - A Restaurant Review

Phuoc Loc Bakery and Deli
6785 Wilson Blvd Suite 38 (in Eden Center)
Falls Church VA, 22044
(703) 854-1750

I know this looks like a typical boba drink you could find at Quickly or Sweethearts or any old regular boba shop. I've been to my fair share of those places all through college. Quickly was my late night stop for a 99 cent boba and french fries/jalapeno poppers/squid balls/other unhealthy yet delicious foods. I won't say it was good, but it was cheap and fast. It was what I always thought of as "typical boba"

This, my friends, is not typical boba.

Every time I've gone to Phuoc Loc, it has been neither cheap nor fast. At $3.68 for a boba, it's more than most places charge, but I would be absolutely pay this price and more for the drinks at this particular shop.

The tapioca balls are the right texture, but the best part of the drink is the fact that every drink is made with fresh fruit. Most of these shops can be so fast because they use powdered drink mix. But it takes a long time to make these drinks if you're scooping out fresh mango or coconut and juicing sugar cane for these drinks.

The picture is of their lychee drink, but after trying so many of the menu items, my favorite is the coconut. It's thick, refreshing and delicious. I won't get boba anywhere else.