Georgetown Cupcakes - A Restaurant Review

Georgetown Cupcakes
3301 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20007

Since moving to DC 3 weeks ago, I've been trying to find a place that felt like home and that I could truly appreciate. To feel like home, I've needed my bakery (pastries as well as bread), my coffee shop, my used bookstore and my Vietnamese restaurant. I've been to Georgetown cupcakes in the past and I have great memories of the chocolate based cupcake, the red velvet and the cinnamon cupcakes. I remember the frosting was light and not cloyingly sweet. The cake had a tender crumb and the chocolate was rich without being too sweet.

This time, I tried the Key Lime cupcake topped with a key lime frosting and lime gummi candy.  (It's a little strange looking because it was a hot day, and it was 20 minutes before I could take the picture) The frosting was sweeter than a would have liked, but that's probably just because I wanted my key lime cupcake to be tart like a key lime pie.

I still like Georgetown cupcake despite the 20 minute line wrapping out the door on the weekends.  the service is considerate and relatively fast. Yet I know in the future to stick with the chocolate based cupcakes, since that's what Georgetown cupcakes does best.