About Me

My name is Stephanie and my favorite foods are bread, cheese, vegetables and wine.

I live in Northern Virginia with my amazing husband and our cute cat. He's kind of an asshole sometimes.

I started this blog to keep track of my favorite recipes, tried and true things, and pictures. It has evolved so much as I've become more involved in blogging and various communities.

I draw my inspiration from a combination of cookbooks, other blogs and family recipes. I always throw my own spin on them, but they are all good jumping off points.

I really love making breads, Asian food, ice cream, and main course dishes. I used to love making desserts, but after I moved in with my now husband, I started cooking a lot more "real food". I really want to lean to make cheese and improve my skills making sausage and charcuterie. Most of all, I want to improve my photography skills. We'll see how it goes.

Things Stephanie likes: sci fi shows, my family, used book stores, vintage clothes, cooking, football, craft beer, ginger, Moscow mules, Korean BBQ, rainy days, watching snow fall, kittens, avocados and hugs

Things Stephanie dislikes: being partially damp, sweet salad dressings, cold weather, scratchy wool clothes, e-readers, running (though I still do it) and cleaning the house (though my husband does that)

Drop me a line to know anything else :-)

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